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Mountain Bike Team
  • Parker Antilla

    Senior adventure captain Parker Antilla gets out of the saddle to gain momentum before a steep hill climb.
  • Sam Burns and Brayden Mayer

    Senior Sam Burns (left) and junior Brayden Mayer (right) sprint towards the finish line.
  • Robbis Davis

    White Hawk junior Robbie Davis inches toward his competitor on singletrack mountain bike trail.
  • Robbie Davis

    Junior Robbie Davis is focused on staying ahead of his competitor on a wider section of trail.
  • Robbie Davis

    Junior Robbie Davis looks to keep his advantage against a Champlin Park competitor.
  • Max Buescher

    Senior Max Buescher looks to increase his lead on the singletrack trail.
  • Ashton Carver

    Senior Ashton Carver rides the edge of the grassy starting line.


Mountain Bike Team